Collaboration with Mabou Mines:

Becca Blackwell as “The Witness”
Perry Yung as ‘The Witness”
Mildred Ruiz-Sapp as “The Witness”
David Thomson as “The Witness”

Vs. can be considered part tribunal of evidence — guided and constrained by the statutory powers of the “Interrogator” — and part psychodynamic investigation of a sovereign polity, a collective of accused citizenry. Vs. creates a philosophical tribunal to acquit or prosecute crimes against humanity. As writer Carl Hancock Rux and team work within the new parameters that “zoom performance” affords, Vs. indulges in a virtual game of ‘tag’ in which members of the audience find themselves complicit when randomly selected as “The Interrogator” — an identity hack that speaks a new digital patois.

Mabou Mines presents: Vs.

Written by Carl Hancock Rux

Directed by Mallory Catlett

Featuring: Becca Blackwell/ Mildred Ruiz-Sapp / David Thomson / Perry Yung

Digital design by Onome Ekeh

Interactive design by Eamonn Farrell