We were commissioned by the Permanent Mission of Switzerland to the United Nations to create this short film commemorating the 10th anniversary of Switzerland’s entry into the General Assembly of the United Nations—as an active member. 10 Reasons Why Switzerland Engages With The United Nations explores the core reasons Switzerland decided to refine its stance towards the UN and become an integral part of its policy and decision making processes.

Our conceptual approach here is part international thriller, part sci-fi narrative—after all, the UN is the model for Star Trek’s Federation, whose Prime directives closely mirrored those of the UN at the time of its inception. Working with existing stills and footage culled from various UN agencies and NGOs, we came at our subject matter through various refracted lenses and this delivers the general aesthetic tone of the film: cool filters and the fearless symmetry of moving parts. Just like the United Nations.

Created by Featurezoo
for the Permanent Mission of Switzerland to the United Nations

Narrated by Pamela Sneed

Recorded at World Eater Recordings

Interviews of Michelle Bachelet and Oscar Fernández-Taranco
sound: Vincent Valenti
camera : featurezoo

Footage and Stills Courtesy of:
Center for Humanitarian Dialogue
Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Aid
United Nations Department of Political Affairs
United Nations Multimedia
United Nations Development Programme
United Nations Television Geneva

Special thanks:
Michelle Bachelet
Oscar Fernández-Taranco