ETH @CeBIT 2016

art direction, editorial, motion graphics

The computing landscape has not only morphed itself but also our environment. This is one of the oft repeated tropes in the four shorts we produced ETH Zurich’s Computing Department as part of the presentation at the Swiss Pavilion at CeBIT 2016 in Hanover Germany.

Information Security / Novel Computing Platforms / Machine Learning / Gamification — these are the fascinating topics four ETH professors navigate us through. Fascinating because the ubiquity of computing technology has changed, the way we inhabit space or experience time. What’s more, everything we suspected about the future is about to happen:

01: Information Secuity. Interview with Srdjan Capkun, he talks about the new scenarios:

02: Novel Computing Plaforms. Otmar Hilliges works to liberate us from our desktops. At least this is the hope:

03: Machine Learning. By now, you’ve probably heard of “Big Data”, but have you considered how machines learn to process information to process data and make decisions?

04: Gamification. Gaming it appears, has ramifications beyond mere entertainment. Bob Sumner of the Game Technology Lab at ETH gives us a few clues:

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