So this is the stirrings of “space” narrative, inspired by a visit to David Hotson‘s much touted SkyHouse. The most striking thing about this experience was how tripped up we were by surfaces, initially there is (much to your own delight) a disorientation cued by light / shadow / reflection / translucence. It’s an adjustment that forces you to re-encounter your own perceptual processes.

In ‘The Novice Dimensional Traveler’s Primer to Space” a future human civilization has evolved to the point where space / time travel where your understanding of the dynamic between you and your immediate environment (regardless time or geography) is paramount to your success in inter-dimensionality.

Guided by an unseen narrator, this film would act as an introductory lexicon, from A- Z, broaching various modes of experiencing space—and architecture. You the traveler, fade into the environment to experience slight disorientations, sharpening focus, discombobulation, becoming aware of your own rate of absorption…

To be continued.

Written / montaged by Onome Ekeh
Voice – Grisha Coleman
Music – “Chessa” by Shuttle358